Taylor Poses with a Statue

Taylor is fully nude and posing in my garden studio with a new statue. Some mixed lighting, but she did some excellent modeling for you.

Number of pictures: 40

Livie - Paris Covergirl

Livie finds herself on the cover of a vintage entertainment magazine, where her gold dress in all the rage! Oops!

Number of pictures: 38

Livie's Midnight Skinny Dip 1

Livie is feeling adventurous, and decides a midnight dip in the pool would be just the thing! Curious if the neighbors noticed the studio strobe flashes, but we heard no complaints. Take a peek inside our privacy fence and see if you would be calling 911 - I didn't think so. Don't miss part 2 where the skinny dipping happens!

Number of pictures: 54

Taylor's Red Bikini & Hammock

Taylor relaxes on the hammock to tease you in and out of her tiny red bikini

Number of pictures: 33

Livie's Midnight Skinny Dip 2

As promised, that tiny 1 piece has got to go, and Livie loves to show off all of her beauty, fully nude. Don't mind the neighbors crowding around you and peeking through the fence - Livie knows you are watching - enjoy her playful striptease show!

Number of pictures: 53

Heather's Naughty Tee

Heather poses in a naughty T-Shirt encouraging you to experience her lovely breasts in the best way.

Number of pictures: 37

Heather's Brass Top part 1

Heather shows off her lovely breasts in a chain mail brass bikini top. It is rather sensual when it won't stay in place. Heather makes the most of the opportunity for some full nudity - no complaints from us!

Number of pictures: 47

Heather's Brass Top part 2

Heather is a real trooper, and gives it her best effort with the uncooperative brass bikini top - it seems to have a mind of its own.

Number of pictures: 47

Taylor's Native Headdress

Taylor models some authentic Native American clothing elements, while topless in a public park. Traditionally the headdress was only worn by men, but we say its time has come to be worn by empowered women.

Number of pictures: 31